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Yonex City Of Melbourne Open, Graded Badminton Championships 2019 
 Monday, May 10, 2021
2021 Yonex City Of Melbourne Open, Graded Badminton Championships 
Entry Form can be downloaded [more] link below.
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 Sunday, January 10, 2021
The stadium is requiring players/visitors to be informed and follow the COVID-19 rules as outlined by DHHS and the current restrictions levels. Please ensure when you enter the stadium you follow the current Victorian Government advice on social distancing and you sign in when entering the stadium.
Monday Night Veterans Competition 
Our Monday night Veterans Competition (over 35's) is now open for entries for in separate seasons a spring season and a autum season, these competitions usually start in Februray and July. Teams are made up of 4 people mixed players and are divided into Section 1 and Section 2. Games run from 7.30pm til 10.30pm. A confirmed date will be published on this webiste. If you are interested in joining a team or maybe putting your name in as an emergency player please contact Kerryn Hawkey on 0488 221 989 or Glenda Mitchell on 0429 820 000.
New Players Wanted 

Players are wanted for the Section 7 Competition, playing on Tuesday nights at the Kilsyth stadium.

This section caters to beginner players and is perfect for younger players coming through from the Junior competition, or new social players looking for something a bit more competitive.

If you, or any of your friends, are interested in joining this competition please contact the Match Secretary - Kerryn Hawkey - on 0488 221 989

Working with Children Check 
The MDBA Committee has endorsed the Victorian Government move to ensure the safety of children within sporting organisations. In line with this we now require anyone working with children, and acting on behalf of the MDBA as a coach, manager or club organiser, to have a Working With Children Check done.

Smoking at the Stadium 
Please note that the No Smoking policy in the stadium now includes the electronic cigarettes.
Upcoming Events
Jun Stadium will reopen for limited bookings from 22nd. June 2020. All bookings need to be made through 0429 820 000. NO WALK INS. Limited numbers apply. Restrictions, Temperature check and sign in form on entry. BUT great to be back
2020 Juniors Competition
Jul Friday night juniors competition begins.
2020 Juniors Competition Grading
Jul The grading for the Friday night juniors competition begins.
2021 Veterans Section 1
Jan Veterans Section 1 commences please see fixture for your team and dates.
18 2021 Levy Season VETS Section Begins
Jan Levy Season VETS Section 1 Begins
19 2021 Class 1 Doubles Levie
Jan Class 1 Doubles Section 2,3,4,5,6 levie season begins.
30 2021 Social Badminton Returns
Jan Social Badminton Returns. Only $10 Please All Come!!!
15 2021 Class 1 Doubles
Feb Autumn Season Class 1 Doubles Begins Sections 2,3,4,5
25 2021 Victorian Badminton Veterans Team Championships
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